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How I Scaled My Company from 25 Employees to 100 Employees in 3 Years


In 2015 our business was great. It was profitable, had a built in customer base, and great reviews. What wasn't great about it? It required me to be there from open to close, 7 days a week.


I quickly realized that we needed to scale so I could add employees to help me. I needed to scale fast, I had a child on the way. I couldn't count on having my staff stay around for years and years (although many of them did!). That meant that I needed to have a plan to onboard large amount of people and maintain the quality of service the company always had. I had a simple plan. Document everything. We documented everything from how to open the door, how to cook the pasta, how to load our trucks, how to serve our guests, EVERYTHING.


At the end, we had 110 pages of documents with pictures and videos of how we did it all. We organized it, uploaded it, sorted it, sent it, and saved it. Things started to change immediately. Our old staff knew what we expected from them, day in and day out. Our new staff came onboard and could read exactly how WE do it before they even stepped foot in the building. We started training employees quicker, our employee frustration went down, and our customer list grew with more satisfied customers.


Flash forward 3 years later and we had acquired another company, grown sales up to near $2,000,000 per year, won national and local awards, and grown our staff up to 100 employees.


I sold those companies in 2018. The main driving force behind the value that the businesses earned on the market from a competitor and an investor? The processes that were documented and already working in place.


The whole key was standardizing processes and procedures, then documenting them.


My name is Bradford Jones. My whole life I have worked in the hospitality sector doing everything from scrubbing floors to acquiring companies. I know what it feels like to lay in bed and worry about what is happening while you aren’t there. There were times we had 80 people on the clock at 7 different locations.


Through it all, I’ve realized that I want to help business owners and operators get rid off that helpless feeling. I want to help you achieve your goals of working less, growing faster, or selling your company. I believe that documenting your processes is the biggest step in achieving those goals.

Bradford Jones - Founder

• Bachelor of Science, Business Management, Clemson University

• Knoxville Chamber Partnership 2018 Young Entrepreneur Pinnacle Award Winner

• Work Featured Nationally on Buzzfeed, WeddingWire, and The Knot”

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